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Based on 140 reviews
Vert Amber Candle
Francoise DUFFY

This scent is another level of different and absolutely intoxicating without being overpowering. I absolutely love it. There is something special and indescribable about Vert. Barista used to be my top scent from the Clean slate collections. Vert has now surpassed it. There is something special about the Clean Slate scents. They do not disappoint. Simply stunning.


My favourite Clean Slate scent. Love it in diffiuser form for my bedroom


My favourite candle . I have tried a lot of the high end candles and I prefer this one . I also like to support irish businesses.


A luxury comforting scent.
Just divine.

Slate candles

5 stars for a wonderful warm aroma👍

Favourite scent ever

The barista candle is my all time favourite candle. I’ve repurchased countless times. The bundle allowed me try out the diffuser and the little wax bars and they are both beautiful.

Beautiful waft of coffee & coconut every time you walk by the diffuser.
My favourite candle- this set was a gift which was loved by the recipient.
Beautifully packaged & a lovely pressie included for me too which was a lovely touch- thank you.

Golden Hour Noir Candle
Sabrina Sheehan
Just divine!

Possibly the most beautiful smelling candle ever!

Barista Noir Candle
Frances Rodriguez

Absolutely love this candle.

Dappled Amber Candle
Helen Downey

Dappled Amber Candle

Petrichor Amber Candle

Little Forest

Beautiful scent and long lasting, will purchase again!

Bouquet Noir Candle
Ashley Kelly

The most beautiful scent, this is like a fresh meadow walk or a bunch of flowers from your favourite person. It is absolutely stunning

Golden Hour Amber Candle
Majella Hollywood
My new favourite

Such a gorgeous scent for winter evenings. Warming and giving a big hug!

And home.

I fell in love with this scent as soon as I lit the candle.

Very Christmassy

The Christmas Bundle Amber Collection created an ambiance of Christmas around our house. It was one of my wife’s favorite gifts, which is a big plus, as she is not easy to buy for. Thanks!

This will be a Christmas regular

I’m not a candle person (I usually find the scents overpowering) but I smelled this one in a store and couldn’t resist. It’s a warm and subtle scent, festive but not tacky, and it does add a lovely ambiance. The design looks very nice on the table among the greenery and fairy lights. I will definitely get one for next season too. Thank you!

Homebody Amber Candle
Anna Tomaszewska

I really love the clean slate candles! The scent and the quality are extraordinary! I buy it for myself and as gifts.

Homebody Amber Candle
Helen O’Riordan
Another beauty!

Delighted to add Petrichor to my list of favourites, another magnificent scent that fills the room without overpowering. These really are the most beautiful candles ever, and they’re Irish!

The best bundle

Myself and my friend buy these candles every year as gifts to each other and they never disappoint. The scents are pure and fill your house fantastically- even when they're not lit.

Festive Table Amber Candle
Gabriella Strano
The Most Sophisticated Christmas Candle Scent

The most sophisticated scent in a Christmas candle. I continue to buy two every year since they launched. The scent isn't too heady, burns really well + fills the house with fragrance.

Best candles ever

Yet another stunning option from this range - warm but not overpowering, amazing value for money with its luxury scent and long burn. My #1 choice of brand

Lovely scents, little forest smells like a Christmas tree and festive table smells cosy and warm

Gift Box

Great to have a selection! Bought as a gift and it'd perfect as I couldn't pick just one!


Love Little Forest Amber. It's quite subtle but every time you enter the room it's like stepping into a calm and soothing spa