100% Soy Wax candles in 180ml amber glass jars

Oakmoss + Amber
A clean green unisex scent, this candle balances damp earthy oakmoss alongside warm honeyed amber. Lose yourself on a forest adventure before retreating to your candlelit cabin.
Cedarwood + Pine
Create a sense of dappled sunlight through evergreens and snapping twigs underfoot with this wintery candle which combines aromatic cedarwood with crisp pine. Wrap up and take a walk through the woods.
Sweet Tobacco + Black Pepper
With base notes of tobacco and spicy black pepper, this strong intriguing fragrance is reminiscent of a moody library with low lighting and leather-bound books. A hint of musky patchouli combines to create a masculine seductive candle. A perfect after dark scent.
Jasmine + Lemon
A fresh uplifting scent, pairing delicate climbing jasmine with a burst of refreshing lemon. This candle is like sipping iced lemonade on a breezy, sunny terrace. Light and pretty, a classic summer fragrance.
Neroli + Coconut
Visit your favourite hotel spa with this sweet fragrance. Neroli from the blossom of the bitter orange tree, balanced with coconut, conjures up images of tropical beach walks and outdoor massages. Infused with lavender essential oil, this candle is a lux holiday in a jar.
Cardamom + Spice
The spice of cardamom forms the base for this candle. With notes of ginger and nutmeg essential oils, it manages to be both exotic and homely at the same time. Evoking memories of creations in the kitchen, this is a warm, inviting and autumnal fragrance.
Irish Cream
Rich and velvety smooth, this sweet aroma is enveloped with leather and earthy moss. Evocative of fireside conversations in Irish pubs, it's an ideal living room choice. Pull up a chair and an iced glass.
Patchouli + Rose Geranium
Not your typical rose candle, it harmoniously blends musky patchouli with sweet rose geranium to create a hedonistic and intoxicating scent. A perfect feminine bedroom fragrance for a sophisticated floral lover.
Lavender + Eucalyptus
A restorative and relaxing scent, evoking images of freshly laundered linen and plump downy pillows. The healing and cleansing elements of eucalyptus oil is blended with soothing lavender oil to create a unique combination. Clear your senses and sleep deeply.
Espresso + Coconut
A rich blend of dark roasted coffee beans enhanced with a hint of sweet coconut. This strong and delicious scent is good for large spaces and makes a perfect day time candle. Bring out the afternoon treats and your inner Barista.

Soap bar 100g with essential oils

Patchouli + Rose Geranium (with poppy seeds)
Lavender + Eucalyptus (with charcoal)
Black Cedarwood (with Pepper Corns)
Lemon Verbena + Basil (with poppy seeds)

Room spray 100ml with essential oils

Patchouli + Rose Geranium
Lavender + Eucalyptus
Cedarwood + Black Pepper
Lemon Verbena + Basil